Since electronic cigarettes are being used to either help a smoker to quit smoking and or to give the smoker the ability to smoke where they would otherwise be forbidden to smoke, they are now becoming extremely popular.

What ever reason you have for purchasing electronic cigarettes, it’s very important that you always remember to follow the instruction Manual and buy only the products that are meant for your specific brand.

How do e-cigarettes work?

No matter what brand of the cigarette you were using, you will still use it as if you were using regular tobacco cigarettes. The only difference now is that instead of taking in regular smoke you are now inhaling vapor.

Each time you puff on the electronic cigarette you are heating the liquid in the atomizer to create a vapor. Some people choose to hold the vapor in their mouths to get the taste of the nicotine.

Unlike regular tobacco cigarettes, where you inhale the smoke and will be bringing it into your lungs, electronic cigarettes produce a vapor that does not stink like the tobacco smoke.

Manual or Automatic Battery?

If you have a Manual battery on your atomiser, you will need to hold the button down in order to create the vapor. The atomizer is what heats the liquid to create the vapor.

The automatic battery means that you will have to puff twice, once to tell the atomiser to start working and the second time is to inhale the vapor.

No matter if you are using the manual or automatic battery you still would use the electronic cigarette the same way you would the regular cigarette, except in the case of the Manual battery because you would have to press the button to heat the eliquid.

Assembly and Care

It is important to keep the atomiser safe from any sort of damage or you will have to replace it. Keep in mind that once you assemble your e-cig kit you are ready to use it once the battery is at full charge.

Always remember that whether you are assembling your e-cig or you are getting ready to use it for the first time, you should always read your instruction manual to make sure you’re using it properly.

It’s important for you to assemble your e-cig correctly. Properly taking care of your electronic cigarette means being able to save yourself money in the long run.